Welcome to My Journey

This site is about my journey of healing and the insights I have gained along the way.

About Me

I have written about my journey of overcoming obesity. Over time, I have lost more than 100 kg (250 lb). It has not been easy, but the life I now have has made it worthwhile. There have been many twists and turns on this journey. Changes in food intake and exercise are the practical changes to my lifestyle.

But much more has changed than my appearance and behaviour. Only those closest to me know my inner journey. The transformation of my inner self has been the key to overcoming obesity, and love has been the key to this transformation.

I am a human on a journey of healing. It is my hope that as I share my insights you will find understanding and compassion for yourself.

In light of my inner transformation, I am now seeking certification as a health and lifestyle coach. My aim is to help others find their own journey to health.

My educational background is a degree in Business and an MBA. I work as an accountant and teach computer, maths, and business. I have volunteered as a crisis telephone counsellor.

My weekends are spent hiking scenic trails in the countryside with my adopted greyhound, Dreamy. I also garden and catch up with friends.

I grew up in rural Australia on a farm, born into an abusive and traumatic family system. Food was my way of surviving this and obesity was the result.

During my childhood and youth, I was a target of bullying and mockery at school. Entering the workforce as an adult, I found myself a victim of discrimination. It’s no secret that virtually all of society sees obesity with judgement and condemnation. Prejudice is cruel.

My first experience of being loved was the catalyst for my journey of inner healing and overcoming obesity. It motivated me to understand the root causes of my obesity and to address them which ultimately led to my transformation and freedom.

I hope that my journey inspires you to find your own freedom.