Initial reviews of my book:

“Against all odds, Jenny single-handedly and courageously achieved her inner liberation and physical transformation.“ – Lucy

“Jenny challenges the myths, falsehoods, and stereotypes associated with obesity, and explains why many approaches to treating obesity, fail. ...She emphasizes the necessity of inner work to address shame and other self-sabotaging mindsets that prevent people from cultivating the healthy and whole life they desire.“ Albert

“Jenny has had a tremendous impact in the lives of others, and if you met her personally, you’d get it." – Jim Palmer

“The story made me laugh and cry; it also made me angry at the cruelty you experienced. What stood out for me, in the end, was your courage. Ultimately, your book made me believe there is hope for healing in anyone’s life. It is a story of pain, courage, determination, and hope, glued together by a woman with a huge heart and an irresistible sense of humour!” – Marg

“....outstandingly powerful...left me with a sense of triumph and lots to think about. Brava!” – Sarah

“I am thoroughly enjoying your story, your understanding of all of the pieces that contributed to your obesity, and the power of shame. It is not an easy read, there are many points of self-reflecting ...your book is powerful! Your willingness to share your story is both incredibly courageous and a gift.” – Kristin

“Your book made me feel that we all have something shameful to hide but you rose above the discrimination. I appreciate your honesty throughout your story.” – Mavis

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