Banana, Hazelnut and Walnut Loaf


4 ripe bananas

350g hazelnut meal

125g crumbed walnuts

1 cup gluten-free SR flour

½ cup honey

½ cup coconut oil

½ tspn baking powder

¼ tspn baking soda

½ tspn vanilla essence


Mash the bananas. Add wet ingredients and nuts, then mix. Sift flour, baking powder and soda then add to mixture. Mix until combined.

Pour into a lined, greased loaf tin. Cook at 160˚ C for 50 minutes. Check that mixture is cooked by inserting a metal skewer in the loaf. If it comes out clean, remove from oven. If not, return to oven until cooked.

When cooled turn out onto a cooling rack.


  • I like this recipe because it is low GI and fills me.

  • Hazelnut meal can be replaced with almond meal and seeds such as sunflower or pepitas can replace the walnuts.

  • Cherries also work well as a substitute for bananas, although the texture is a little drier.

  • Honey can be substituted with maple syrup or rice syrup.


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