Honey Spice Biscuits

These biscuits are a healthy snack. Great for filling the gap between breakfast and lunch.


250g hard coconut oil ½ cup honey 2 Teaspoons Vanilla 150g hazelnut meal 125g crumbed walnuts 2 teaspoons cinnamon 2 teaspoons nutmeg 1 teaspoon mixed spice 1 cup sunflower seeds ½ cup chia seeds ½ cup coconut flour ¾ cup gluten free SR flour


Heat oven to 160 degrees Celsius.

​Place spread and honey in a bowl and cream the mixture. Add vanilla, spices and hazelnut meal and mix. Add crumbed walnuts, chia seeds and sunflower seeds, mix. Add coconut flour and SR Flour and mix. 

​Cover baking trays with baking paper. Roll mixture into balls using a teaspoon to determine desired quantity. Bake in oven for 20 minutes. When cooled, remove from tray and store in an air-tight container. 

​Makes around 25 biscuits. Biscuits will be crumbly when hot. 

Notes This recipe is based on a four ingredient Melting Moments recipe I was given by a friend. I used an electric blender to mix the ingredients. As my mother had gestational diabetes, I am left with insulin resistance. Hence, this recipe is low GI (glycaemic index). There are several ways the GI is reduced: SR flour – a small amount of flour is used to bind the ingredients only as SR flour is high GI. Honey – I use a flower blend as this type of honey is lower GI than the usual commercial honeys. Also, I use a small amount in comparison to the other ingredients. Vanilla and spices – I have a sweet tooth, so I use a lot of spice in my recipes. Spices are a great substitute for sugar. They improve the taste and reduce the need for sweetness.   Nuts and seeds – are low GI and full of fibre, hence these biscuits have a high content of these ingredients.  Spread – I use hard coconut oil as I do not suffer from food intolerance from its ingredients. Any spread can be used, but if you use butter you may need a dash of warm water to soften it.  Coconut flour – this flour tends to make the mixture dry. Watch that you limit the amount used or it may be too dry to make into balls.  Dried fruit – sultanas, dried apricots, or any other type of dried fruit can be added. But, if you want a low GI version, keep these to a minimum.

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